September News

Release date: August 20, 2014

Kim O'Connell (MAHP 2006) was awarded a Writing Fellowship for the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts based at Sweet Briar College.  VCCA was founded in 1971 near Charlottesville, VA and is the only creative arts program in the country associated with an institution of higher education.  Fellows in writing, the creative arts, and theater spend up to two weeks at the Center, allowing them to think, talk and interact with other fellows without the distraction of day-to-day activities.  Kim will be in residence in January 2015.

Brian Horne (MAHP 2013) presented a paper, based on his thesis "Hopstoric" Preservation at the annual conference of the Society for Industrial Archeology's annual conference in Portland this spring.  Brian's thesis examined the reuse of historic industrial spaces for micro-breweries, and the relationship between the buildings and the images projected by the companies.  

LaDonna Garner (MAHP2014) was recently featured in The Genealogical Professional's blog.  She is the St. Louis Genealogical Society's African American Special Interest Group Leader and member of several related organizations.  Her special interest in historic African American cemeteries in the Midwest was the basis for her thesis Protecting Midwest Pioneer Cemeteries Through Cemetery Preservation Reform.    

Ann Sharley-Hubbard (MAHP 2009) recently completed a Determination of Eligibility for the Nome (Alaska) National Guard Armory Complex.  While the Complex was ultimately determined not to be eligible due to significant loss of integrity, the project nonetheless provided full documentation of this military complex.  

Gina DiBella (MAHP 2013) won the Theater Historical Society of America's Jeffrey Weiss Literary Award for her paper "A Richer Theater Experience: Maintaining Historic and Architectural Integrity in the 21st Century".  The paper was based on a chapter in her thesis Curtain Call: The Role of Historic Theaters in the Revitalization of Erie Canalway Communities.   

Richard Wagner, Ph.D, Director and Professor MAHP Program will be delivering a series of lectures on development and preservation of English Towns and Villages, and English Country Houses as Study Leader for the National Trust's Oxford and the English Countryside Study Tour, September 2014.