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March News

Release date: March 11, 2014

Lynette Felber (MAHP 2012) has been appointed to the Bellingham (WA) Historic Preservation Commission.  She has also opened her own firm, Chronicles Preservation Consultants, which specializes in documenting historic properties.

Brian Lione (MAHP 2004) has been appointed Executive Director, Iraqi Institute Programs, University of Delaware.  The Institute is a collaborative effort of nine US and Iraq based cultural educational and institutions to preserve the important heritage of ancient Mesopotamia.  

Jennifer James (MAHP 2004) is a preservation consultant based in Des Moines Iowa.  Recently she completed a survey of the oldest extant synagogue in Des Moines, drafted the National Register nomination for Historic East Village, the city's oldest commercial district, and documented the history of two early 20th century automobile showrooms in Des Moines as part of their adaptive reuse.  

Carrie Gregory (MAHP 2006) has been selected as Director of the Albuquerque, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas offices of Statistical Research, Inc. a regional CRM and Preservation firm headquartered in California.  Carrie is also the current president of The Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation.  

Mel Green (MAHP Adjunct Professor), president of Melvyn Green Associates, PE, has a number of preservation projects in the office, including retrofitting part of the suspension system for the Golden Gate Bridge; strengthening the adobe Chancellor's House, University of California, San Diego; seismic retrofitting a 19th century adobe barn in Arizona; and the rehabilitation of a kiva cliff dwelling at Bandelier National monument, New Mexico.  Prof. Green teaches Preservation Technology for the MAHP Program.  

Betsy Bradley (MAHP Adjunct Assistant Professor and Thesis Director) recently published "Mid-Century Modern Survey in St. Louis" in the Alliance Review, the magazine of the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions.  Prof. Bradley teaches Historic Property Documentation, as well as being Thesis Director for the MAHP Program, and is the Director, Cultural Resources Office, City of St. Louis, MO.  

Cynthia Liccese-Torres (MAHP 2003) was named Coordinator of Arlington (VA) Historic Preservation Program.  Cynthia, who was Preservation Planner for Arlington's HPP for a number of years, was instrumental in rescuing a Lustron House from demolition, which is now the art of the collection of the Ohio Historical Society, the home state of the Lustron Corporation.