Release date: December 05, 2012

Melanie Lytle (MAHP 2011) was part of a team that developed the historic context for postal facilities from 1940 - 1971.  She was responsible for the modern architecture portion of the report.

Shelley Stokes-Hammond (MAHP 2011) continues to build on her thesis Recognizing Ludlow, Ohio - A National Treasure: A Community that Stood Firm for Equality.  She recently gave a presentation on the topic at the Shaker Heights, Ohio, library as part of a symposium on the town's centennial, as well as participated in a panel discussion on the same topic sponsored by the Shaker Heights Law department.

Jennifer James (MAHP 2004) has been working on a number of projects in Des Moines, Iowa, including nomination of the city's Fire Department Headquarters to the National Register, as well as securing a grant to undertake a reconnaissance level historical and architectural survey of the neighborhood adjacent to Drake University. 

Marian Cosmides (MAHP 2011) has started to undertake the rehabilitation of her family's 1871 home in Pittsburgh, using the knowledge she gained in various courses in the MAHP Program. Goucher.

Kim O'Connell (MAHP 2006) article "Where are the gaps in preservation education" is featured in the November 2012 issue of Architect: The Magazine of the American Institute of Architects.  Bruce Judd, FAIA, adjunct assistant professor, and Hugh Miller, FAIA, adjunct professor and thesis director with the MAHP Program are both extensively quoted.

Rosalind (Roz) Magnuson (MAHP 1998) book Windows on the Past: An Illustrated Guide to Kennebunk's History through Architecture" has be updated and reissued by the Brick Store Museum, Kennebunk, Maine.  Roz has also recently published Learning is Not an Ornament: Education in Kennebunk also published by the Brick Store Museum.