MAHP February News

Release date: February 16, 2011

Melissa Bleier (MAHP 2009) recently published "Waving a Green Flag for race Track Preservation" in the Winter 2011 issue of Recent Past Preservation Network Bulletin. Based in part on her thesis on the preservation of historic NASCAR racetracks, the article presents arguments for preserving early NASCAR racetracks as reminders of the history and evolution of this uniquely American sport. Melissa also writes for a stock car racing blog,, and has her own site at

Ann Sharley-Hubbard (MAHP 2009), who has an undergraduate degree in archeology, is employed by Northwest Archeological Associates, a certified WBE/MBE that provides archeological and architectural history consulting throughout the northwestern united States. Ann recently completed a project to record and evaluate fire towers and associated structures in Eastern Oregon for inclusion in the National Register. Ann's thesis was on Chinese vernacular architecture in the Pacific northwest associated. It traced the origins of the structures to locales in China with similar structures.

Lisa Bush Hankin (MAHP 1999) is director of research at Adelson Galleries in New York city. Her recent article "John Singer Sargent and the Broadway Colony, 1885-1886" was published in the Autumn/Winter 2010 edition of Antiques & Fine Arts magazine. Broadway is a small village in the English Cotswolds that attracted William Morris, Edward Burne-Jones, and Dante Gabriel Rossetti and other luminaries of the Arts and Crafts Movement in addition to the American John Singer Sargent. Its appearance today remains virtually unchanged, making it a favorite tourist destination.

Dale Gyure (MAHP Adjunct Associate Professor) has published Frank Lloyd Wright's Florida Southern College (University Press of Florida, 2010) that traces the history of Wright's only college campus and that of the college's president, Ludd Spivey, who wanted the grounds and buildings of this small college redesigned to embody the American Protestant traditions by the country's leading architect. Dale's book The Chicago Schoolhouse: High School Architecture and Educational Reform, 1856-2006 is scheduled to be released by the Center for American Places in April.