Jim Hare Leads Efforts to Restore Colorado's Capitol Dome

Release date: August 03, 2009

Jim Hare (MAHP '01), director of Colorado Preservation, Inc., knew the chances were slim that Colorado lawmakers would approve $11 million to $30 million to fix the aging State  Capitol Building.   That's why his non-profit organization stepped in to start raising money to fix the building which is now partially rusted, decayed and damaged.  They are calling the fundraising campaign "Bring it Home for the Dome."

Colorado Preservation, Inc. has already started working with private partners to raise funds.  Actual repair work, Hare says, isn't far off.  "The first thing would be to put up scaffolding.  The dome will disappear for probably three years.  That's how long the process will take," Hare said.

Read more here   http://www.coloradopreservation.org/