We provide students with mastery in building applications within social and cultural frameworks to address complex environmental questions and issues.

Academic Requirements:

To earn the Master of Arts in Environmental Studies, students will complete a minimum of 45 credits of required and elective courses. The required courses make up roughly half (21 credits) of the degree and include a six-credit capstone project in the field. The additional 18 course credits are drawn from program electives and a minimum of 9 course credits should come from outside the environmental studies curriculum, which will include management courses and may, with the advice of the director, include courses from Goucher's graduate programs in cultural sustainability or digital arts.

Courses are conducted primarily online, reaching a national audience and allowing you to work and pursue the degree regardless of your location. In addition, a limited residency and workshop components will provide face-to-face interaction and fieldwork with faculty and other students in the program.

MA in Environmental Studies from Goucher College will provide you with: 

  • a portfolio of work drawing upon your environmental studies courses as well as  your required courses in graduate-level management.
  • an understanding the social, historic, and economic contexts of environmental issues.
  • the ability to evaluate environmental issues and interventions based on social, technical, and economic criteria; frame environmental issues and facilitate dialogue with multiple stakeholders and communities.
  • the skills to develop and implement community programs, partnerships and public-participation initiatives and to make effective decisions and take on leadership roles.