Goucher is one of the few schools that have perfected the limited-residency model of graduate distance education. We’ve been doing it for years with our highly acclaimed and competitive Historic Preservation, Creative Nonfiction, and Arts Administration programs.

Our distance education format allows us to attract the absolute best faculty and students from around the country and the world, and to build small classes of rich diversity and ideas. The technology and teaching approach behind our distance-learning programs is top-notch, and the experience is as stimulating and interactive as a classroom setting—if not more so, due to our faculty’s increased accessibility through technology.

These qualities—diversity, excellence, and interaction—are key values of a globally-focused program like Cultural Sustainability.

The limited-residency portion of our program enriches the experience by bringing all students and faculty to our beautiful campus just outside Baltimore, MD, for a total of two weeks per year. The two, one-week residencies are intense, and our students often remark that they feel transformed in unexpected and wonderful ways after being immersed with their fellow scholars: learning, discussing, and exploring, face-to-face and side-by-side.