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MAAA Book Reviews

Release date: August 24, 2011

The Master of Arts Program in Arts Administration at Goucher College is pleased to announce that three members of its program published books this spring.  The trio includes an adjunct faculty member, a current student and an alumna.

Cindy Kelly, an adjunct lecturer (Managing Visual Arts Organizations) recently published a book on public art in Baltimore titled Outdoor Sculpture in Baltimore: A Historical Guide to Public Art in the Monumental City. The book examines the prominent role that Baltimore played in the public art movement in the first half of the nineteenth century.  The most impressive sculptural monuments in America were under construction in Baltimore during this time. Before New York, Philadelphia, and even Washington, D.C., the city built a monument to George Washington, and Baltimore commissioned the country's first public monument dedicated to those killed in battle.  The book, published by Johns Hopkins University Press, leads readers to more than 250 sculptures found throughout Baltimore.  

Jay M. Fisher, Deputy Director for Curatorial Affairs, The Baltimore Museum of Art writes "This book will serve an enlightened public purpose of education and the preservation and recognition of our cultural resources."

Angelica Daniele, currently a third-year student in the MAAA program and scheduled to graduate in 2012, published her book, Performance: The Collective and Introspective, based on her undergraduate thesis. The book reflects the culmination of a year-long investigation involving the analysis of various aspects of dance performance experiences and their effects on the developing dancer. Daniele focuses on the psychological aspects of performing dance, and considers the biological, emotional, educational, and social aspects involved with such experiences. The information presented reflects the most recent findings from dance research literature and a primary survey-based research study designed to assess the psychological similarities in performance experiences derived from a range of dancer populations

Dayna Sear (Goucher MAAA 2009) has published her book, Educating in the Creative Age, based on her major paper, written in 2008 - 2009The book examines the knowledge base and creative skill sets required by the rapidly changing dynamics of our current job force and how these dynamics impact workforce development and educational methodology. It examines the research regarding the economic dynamics of the current job force as well as the workforce capabilities desired by employers in our 21st Century global economy. The creative characteristics such as innovativeness, originality, flexibility, and adaptability are noted as the main qualities desired in workers of today, and educational models based on creativity are examined in order to propose changes in U.S. educational methodology to produce these workers.