At-Risk and Diverse Learners At-Risk and Diverse Learners

A Unique Program For Those Wishing To Refine Their Understanding Of At-Risk Students 

In this specialization, participants explore the social and psychological factors that affect at-risk students, as well as those that foster resiliency, and analyze current educational strategies.  Theory and fundamentals covered in the classroom are balanced with practical assignments and experiences that make helping at-risk students a reality. 


The courses are offered at a reduced tuition rate.  All teachers will pay a $25.00 per credit registration fee. 

  • HCPS will be billed for the courses at the current reimbursement rate ($900 for a 3 credit class).  Those not eligible for tuition reimbursement will be billed $900 per 3 credit course. 
  • Participants are required to complete each course in the cohort with a grade of B or higher. (Any participant who does not complete the course or does not earn a grade of B or higher will be responsible for payment of the $300.00 per credit tuition directly to Goucher College). Students who withdraw after the first class are subject to the withdrawal policies of Goucher College.

Course Offerings



Date, Time, & Location

Summer 2014

ED  632 (2 credits)
Psychological and Social Characteristics of Resilient Learners

Monday & Wednesday
5:00 - 6:45pm
June 16 - July 23 (No class on July 7)
AA Roberty Office Building

ED 602 (3 credits)
Social and Psychological Forces Affecting Youth
Second Year and Third Year Students Only

Monday & Wednesday
7:00 - 9:15pm
June 9 - July 23 (No class on June 30 & July 1)
Goucher College

ED 603 (3 credits)
Personality Development and Self-Esteem
Second Year and Third Year Students Only

June 9 - July 25 (Required orientation week of June 2)
Online with up to 5 synchronous sessions

Program Plans

How to Apply?

This cohort is available to the first 30 students to apply and be accepted. To apply, complete the cohort application/registration form and return it to the address below with a copy of your teacher certification, or a transcript from your most recently completed undergraduate or graduate course of study.

Graduate Programs in Education in the Welch Center
1021 Dulaney Valley Road, Baltimore, MD 21204
Ph: 410-337-6047 | Fax: 410-337-6085