Goucher College is working in partnership with Baltimore County Schools to sponsor education cohorts! 

  • Goucher College's direct billing agreement with BCPS minimizes out of pocket expenses for eligible teachers. 

Fall 2014 Cohorts

 School Improvement Leadership

The purpose of the school improvement leadership cohort is to develop innovative leaders who demonstrate high level skills in leading change and in establishing and sustaining a positive school culture. The cohort leads to Administrator 1 certification through completion of either the M.Ed. or, for those with earned master's degrees, the Professional Development Certificate  

 Special Education for Certified Teachers

A need exists for regular education teachers to learn more about exceptionalities and how disabilities impact the acquisition of knowledge. Content area certified teachers need a broader knowledge base, skills and dispositions in order to effectively teach students with disabilities. This program is designed to address this need.

Spring 2015 Cohorts

 Teacher Leadership In 
Digital Curriculum Development

Educators who earn a Professional Development Certificate as members of the Teacher Leadership in Digital Curriculum Development Cohort will emerge as technology leaders who are highly-skilled curriculum designers for school-based digital learning environments. Through coursework and seminars focused on developing high-quality, personalized curriculum that effectively integrates the use of technology into classroom instruction, these educators will lead the way to ensuring that every BCPS student has varied and personalized opportunities to acquire 21st century skills through an innovative, world-class curriculum.

Past Cohorts

Reading Transdisciplinary Literacy Strategies For Content Learning

Designed to address the Common Core State Standards and empower ALL teachers to use proven, effective, reading-writing-listening-speaking-thinking strategies to improve student performance in the content they teach. Intended specifically to meet the goal of content teachers to help students learn the content they teach! Strategies presented in this program can be used to help students read, write and think like scientists, historians and mathematicians etc. as well as listen and speak as competent learners in any area of study.

Reading Reading Instruction (Reading Teacher or Reading Specialist Endorsement)

This cohort is designed to help every teacher be a better teacher of reading and use reading as a strategy in increasing content learning.  It also supports county efforts to prepare literacy professionals who will provide leadership for the school reading program.  The Reading Instruction cohort can lead to reading teacher endorsement (12 credits required) or reading specialist certification (through the Master's Degree or Professional Development Certificate).  Classroom teachers and special educators alike find this program to be of tremendous benefit in their classrooms.