How much do the AACO Cohort Courses Cost?


A total of 18 credits will be offered as part of our cohort at the reduced tuition rate.

For each of these three credits, participants will pay a $180.00 non-refundable registration fee to Goucher College. 

After participants successfully complete the course with the minimum grade required (B or higher), Goucher will bill Anne Arundel County for tuition reimbursement for each participant. (Participants who drop a class after the approved add/drop period or who do not earn at least a grade of B, will be billed directly by Goucher for the full tuition rate.) Students who withdraw after the first class are subject to the withdrawal policies of Goucher College and may owe a portion or all of the $750 tuition that would have been paid by AACPS if the student had completed the course.

For participants who choose to complete the M.Ed./M.A.T. degree or Professional Development Certificate, direct billing of tuition reimbursement from Anne Arundel County is also available for the non-cohort courses, but without a discount in the tuition rate.  For the 2015-2016 Goucher College academic year, you would pay the difference between the Goucher College tuition amount and the Anne Arundel County reimbursement rate ($1500 for a 3 credit class - $750 reimbursed directly to Goucher College = $750 out of pocket cost), for up to 6 credits per year (as described below).

Please note that, according to the TAAAC Negotiated Agreement, Unit I members shall be reimbursed for a maximum of 6 semester hours of college credit per teaching year (September through August).  If an AACPS employee wishes to take reduced tuition cohort courses beyond the 6 credits reimbursed by Anne Arundel County, then the AACPS employee would be responsible for paying the registration fee ($180) and the reimbursement amount ($750.00) directly to Goucher College. The regular Goucher College tuition rate (currently $525 per credit) would apply to any non-cohort classes being taken in Anne Arundel County or at Goucher College.