Master of Arts in Digital Arts

The Master of Arts (MA) in Digital Arts program focuses on rapidly developing the most in-demand technological skills among its creative students. Students take coursework in management, web development, and creative electives to create a portfolio of work that will attract future employers from a wide variety of fields. Students work closely with faculty familiar with both technology and business while building a diverse network across disciplines. Our students are forming the technology culture of the future: while building connections with other creative professionals throughout the Digital Arts graduate programs, they also have the opportunity to work with students and faculty in the Management, Cultural Sustainability, Environmental Studies, and Creative Nonfiction programs.

Graduation Requirements**  

  • Required core courses (15 credits)
  • Elective courses (15 credits)
  • Capstone project (6 credits)
  • 36 total credits  

Required Core Courses

Elective Courses

Elective credits may be satisfied through a combination of Digital Arts (DA) and Management (PMGT) courses. With permission of the academic director, electives from other Goucher graduate programs may also be applied towards the degree.

** Students entering during the Fall 2015 term may, at the outset of their studies, opt to complete the pre-Fall 2015 requirements listed here.

Goucher College also provides inter-departmental dual degree options. For more information or to speak with an academic director, please contact us at or 1-800-697-4646.