Academic Directors

Ramona Baker
Director, Masters of Arts in Arts Administration

Barbara Bisset 
Co-Director, Advanced Placement & Teacher's Institutes 

Mary Adkins

Director, Masters of Arts in Teaching

Gaye Brown
Director, Masters of Education

Shelley Johnson 
Co-Director, Advanced Placement & Teacher's Institutes

Leslie Rubinkowski
Director, Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction

Michael Scott-Nelson
Academic Director, Master of Arts in Digital Arts & Master of Fine Art in Digital Arts

Amy Skillman
Academic Director, Master of Arts in Cultural Sustainability

Thomas Walker
Director of Master of Arts Environmental Studies and Master of Arts in Historic Preservation


Tiffany Espinosa
Assistant Provost, Limited-Residency Graduate Programs

Phyllis Sunshine 
Assistant Provost, Graduate Programs in Education


Linda Bruce
Director, Distance Learning

Lisa O'Rourke
Director, Marketing and Communications

Kathea Smith
Director, Admissions and Recruitment

Adminstrative Staff

Ryan Ballman
Social Media and Marketing Specialist

Shirley Gray
Senior Assistant Director, Financial Operations 

Alice Miller
Technology Coordinator, Distance Learning 

Ava Norris
Associate Director of Administration, Graduate Programs in Education