Several young alumnae/i returned to campus to offer students advice about how best to make the transition from college to professional life or graduate school. The March 7 event, which was sponsored by the Career Development Office, included a panel discussion about how to launch a successful job hunt—and how to network. Some tips from panelists were published in the Summer/Fall Quarterly. Here are a few more:


Auni Gelles To reap the benefits of networking, you don’t need to maintain lots of very strong, deep connections, but a web of many acquaintances. Don’t feel awkward about approaching someone you’ve met only once to ask about a position at their company, an internship in their field, or an informational interview. People are happy to help if they can.

--Auni Gelles ’10, program assistant, Maryland Humanities Council
Julia Ostroff When it comes to networking, don’t be shy. People like talking about themselves and helping other people, so it never hurts to ask.

--Julia Ostroff ’11, development assistant, Center Stage
Michelle Yellin Step out of your comfort zone. Connections made through friends or family can be very valuable, but if you’re interested in something and no one has a lead, don’t be afraid to look up an individual or an organization on the Internet and give them a call.

--Michelle Yellin ’11, shop assistant/preservation apprentice, Traditional Builders Inc.
Kate Barrett Always follow up with people who offer to help you, even if they’re not in your field, and even if you aren’t really sure they can help you: You never know.

--Kathryn Barrett ’07, graduate student in intercultural communication at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County