Horse and rider from 1973 Donnybrook Fair

Horse and rider from 1973 Donnybrook Fair

Whether they cantered through the fields, leaped over jumps in the riding ring, or visited with the horses in the stables, a number of Goucher community members have enjoyed the campus’s equine inhabitants. A few alumnae sent in their memories. To read more, visit p. 2 of the Winter 2014 Quarterly.

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I rode in the early ’80s, before Goucher had an inside ring. I remember going on trail rides on cold windy days to get out of the wind. If the ground was not frozen, we would take the jumps along the trail and ride out in the fields surrounded by the woods. It was always fun to come around and ride at a canter down the hill to the big field behind Mary Fisher and back to the barn.

-- Barb Fletcher Swick ’85

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While I did not bring a horse to Goucher, nor did I ride, going to the stables was one of my favorite things to do during my Goucher years. Whenever I was feeling down or stressed, or found myself missing my pets back home, I’d go to the stables to visit the horses. No matter what was bothering me, I always felt better after spending some time petting them, talking to them, and looking into their big, brown eyes.

-- Kim Van Newkirk Shaffir ’83