About Scholarships

Scholarships are an excellent way to add to your financial aid. Like grants, they are "gift aid" which does not need to be repaid. Grants are usually based on financial need, and scholarships are based on merit or some other kind of eligibility requirement such as major, class year, gender, ethnicity, or faith. Most scholarships have a separate application process.

The three main sources of scholarships are:

  • Goucher College Scholarships - Many scholarships are available directly from Goucher. These are referred to as "institutional" scholarships.
  • State Scholarships - These are state government scholarships for residents of our home state of Maryland. You may be eligible for state scholarships in your state, even if you are studying out-of-state.
  • Outside Scholarships - These are scholarships from some outside source. They are sometimes referred to as "private" scholarships.

There are all kinds of scholarships out there waiting for you!