Navigating the world of college tuition and financial aid can be tough, and we want to help make this wise investment in your student's future as pain-free as possible. Obviously we can't cover everything related to financial aid and billing because so many questions and answers are situation-specific. But, we can give a rundown of some important dates. 

  • The Fall 2014 billing statements (e-bills) are available now to view and pay. Email notices are sent to students, parents, and others allowed by students. More instructions can be found at The statement will include deposits paid, fall charges, credits, and financial aid (including aid not yet credited to the student's account).
  • If the fall payment is not received by Monday, August 4, a $200 charge will be applied to the account. For payment options, visit
  • All new students living on campus are assigned the 150-meal plan, but this can be changed until Monday, September 8. For information on meal plans, go to For more information on our excellent food vendor, Bon Appétit, click here.
  • Health insurance information will be mailed mid-July. Information can be found on our website at Coverage for students begins Wednesday, August 20, and the waiver deadline is Tuesday, September 30.

For money questions, contact us at 410-337-6141, (please include your student's name in subject line), or check this site.

Career Development Office (CDO) & On-Campus Employment
Whether your student needs to fulfill a work-study requirement or just wants some extra spending cash, the CDO can help find work that fits his or her needs and interests, often right here on campus. For questions, you can contact the office at 410-337-6191,, or explore its corner of the website here

Goucher OneCard
The Goucher OneCard acts as a student ID, library card, electronic "key" for on-campus buildings, and debit card for on- and some off-campus spending. The card is safe, simple, and secure. Though it's almost a guarantee your student will be well-versed in how to add money to the card, instructions can be found here. If you have questions, contact the OneCard administrator at or 410-337-3115.