Health Forms & Policies

Good health is essential for success at college.  To that end, Goucher College provides a student health center where clinical and educational services are readily available. 

In order to provide the best possible medical care, we require each student to complete the Medical History and Examination Form and the Immunization Record on or before  July 14, 2017.  These forms are available through the links below.

The physical examination must be completed by a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant of your choice.  If your health practitioner can review your completed medical history before your physical examination, s/he will be better able to evaluate any condition that could affect your overall health care needs.

Goucher’s immunization requirements follow guidelines set by the American College Health Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Immunization requirements may vary from state to state; we therefore recommend that your health care provider review our form carefully, assess your status, and update your immunizations as needed to fulfill our requirements. Please see Goucher’s immunization policy (PDF).

State law requires that any individual enrolled in a Maryland institution of higher education who resides in on-campus housing must be vaccinated against meningococcal disease, or sign a waiver, which is included on the enclosed immunization form. All new students must submit the Medical History, Physical, and Immunization form.

Along with the medical history, physical, and immunization information, it is a requirement that all incoming students have health insurance and provide a copy of their health insurance information. All incoming students must complete and return these forms and provide their health insurance information to Student Health and Counseling Services on or before the assigned deadline listed on the New Student Experience Portal. Students who fail to return their forms, or who are not in compliance with our immunization requirements, will be assessed a non-compliance fee of $100.

If you have a need to refill prescriptions for medications used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), please review our ADHD Medication Policy.

Students are strongly encouraged to get the seasonal and the H1N1 flu vaccines prior to coming on campus in the spring.