The Goucher House is available for a limited number of long-term rentals. Depending on availability, guests can stay in Bedroom 1 for up to 60 days.

All long-term guests must sign an agreement detailing specific policies for long-term use. Additionally, all long-term guests must submit rent payment by an established monthly date.

Please note: Guests may be scheduled to stay in the other bedrooms of the house during a long-term rental. All guests will have use of the common areas of the house, which include the living room, dining room, kitchen, and basement. All personal items must be kept within the rooms assigned to each guest, and common areas should remain clean and presentable for guests. A cleaning fee of $25 will apply for any dirty dishes, trash, etc. left in the house following a guest's departure. Goucher House policies regarding cleanliness, trash, and use of common rooms are provided before each guest's arrival.

To inquire about long-term stays, contact the Goucher House Manager, Dorothy Labe, at or 410-337-6289.