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Near the end of his high school experience Travis Miyashiro wasn’t really sure what he wanted to do after graduation, and certainly not for the rest of his life. “I really wanted to find a school that would be the right place for me to discover that,” he says.

While he couldn’t determine his ideal college from any specific viewbook or website, he knew he was looking for a place with “people who were accepting of a lot of different ideas and a lot of different interests, people who had an open mind to learn things, people who are interested in learning more about themselves and about the world they live in,” he says.

After an unproductive tour of East Coast colleges, Miyashiro’s father pointed out Goucher’s profile in the book Colleges That Change Lives. They came down to visit campus near the end of his junior year of high school, and “I fell in love with it,” Miyashiro says. “It was the perfect place for me. I visited a couple of schools afterward, but none of them compared to Goucher. It got to the point where I knew if I got into Goucher I was going to go here.”

He says he got the sense that people at the college are really open to exploring new experiences because “they really care and want to develop themselves in that way. It felt like I would come here, and I would meet the kind of people I really wanted to get to know. And I would have space to develop myself.”

This craving for self-exploration was also fed by Goucher’s study-abroad requirement. “A lot of schools will help you go abroad if that’s what you want to do, but I felt like having it as a requirement would push me out of my comfort zone and push me to try something I probably wouldn’t have tried otherwise,” Miyashiro says. “I know many schools will make it possible for you to do it, but Goucher is the only school that tells you have to do this.”

He will be participating in China: Past, Present, and Future, a summer intensive course abroad that focuses on the language, history, culture, and philosophy of the country. “I’m really excited to get to see some of the places that I’ve only heard about,” he says.

Miyashiro says he also tries to get involved in on-campus activities as much as he can. He’s a member of Veritas, the philosophy club. He is very involved in theatre on campus; he is a member of the Open Circle Theatre, a student-run, on-campus theatre company that produces several productions each year, and he has assistant stage managed Peter Pan and other productions on campus.

He founded the Strategic Gaming Club and was president of the Magic Club until it merged with the Tabletop Gaming Club and other student organizations. Additionally, Miyashiro was elected secretary of the Student Government Association and was named the vice president of financial affairs for next year.

Goucher has allowed him to pursue many of his interests and develop into the kind of well-rounded person he wants to become. Still, though, he is not sure what he wants to do after college.

He says his future will depend on “how everything aligns.” For now, he’s content focusing on the academic journey and self-discovery Goucher is affording him.

Travis Miyashiro '15

  • Economics and Philosophy Double Major / Reading, CT

“It felt like I would come here, and I would meet the kind of people I really wanted to get to know. And I would have space to develop myself.”

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