The Goucher Society – Associate Membership

At Goucher, you made friends to last a lifetime and opened your mind to a whole new world. That experience doesn't have to end.

Young alumnae/i are taking philanthropic leadership roles at the college, ensuring Goucher is even greater for the students that follow them. Their gifts fund student scholarships, study abroad, faculty, and guest speakers.

They also have great opportunities to stay connected. Associate Members of the Goucher Society benefit from regional happy hours, networking opportunities with other leaders from the alumnae/i community, and knowing they made a difference.

And it's never been more affordable to make an impact. Leadership gifts begin at just $75 a year.

Yearly giving levels

0-3 years after graduation            $75
4-7 years after graduation            $150
8-10 years after graduation         $300

Gifts can be made outright or in installments. Join today. 

Today, overall membership in the Goucher Society is more than 500 strong and includes alumnae/i, parents, and friends representing the college's diverse generations and student backgrounds. The generosity of Goucher Society members accounts for more than three-fourths of unrestricted giving to the Greater Goucher Fund. For more information, please contact Greg Permison at or 410-769-5078.

2013 Associate Members of the Goucher Society (July 1 -June 30)
Marie A. Cacace '03
Christie Mangan Hattersley '03
Oliver Janney '03
Kate Howell Bullard '04
Angela L. McDonald '04, '06
Angela Shaeffer '04
Ted Domers '05
Jessica Lee Fouse '05
Lindsay K. Johnson '05
Anna Lipstein '05
Laura Camarata '06
Sean M. Edmunds '06
Allison B. Sheff '06
Joshua C. Stober '06
Alex O. Wood '06
Daniel and Ashley Flamholz '07
Lee Gerstein '07
Jessica M. Hood '07
Shari Metzger '07
Daniel Phillips '07
R.O. Schwab '07
Brent Shea '07
Sarah Bryant '08
Dave Duff '08
Meredith Schmidt Edelstein '08
Elana G. Cohen '08
Ryan J. Martin '08
Milena Rodban '08
Luke A. Ruseskas '08
Jaimie Smith '08
Daniel Abrams '09
Simonette Lowy '09
John G. Mitchell '09, '11
Andrew Nielsen '09
Cleo Zancope '09
Patrick K. DeLapp '10
David M. Jadin '10, '12
Nicholas LaBricciosa '10
William Lonczak '10
Abigail J. Lyon '10
Timothy P. McMullen '10, '11
John M. Peiffer '10
Stephen R. Speicher '10
Benjamin J. Veldman '10
Cecily R. White '10
Jay Berger '11
Andrew T. Bull '11
Adam L. Conston '11
Joshua E. Rosenfeld '11
Elizabeth J. Sullivan '11
Jennifer E. Turner '11
William Weiss '11
Victoria M. Adinolfi '12
Rory M. Averett '12
Sarah E. Bart '12
Anna R. Bialek '12
Kyle Boncaro '12
Lauren Dewitt '12
Hillary G. Fabrico '12
Ian S. Hutton '12
Charlotte N. Kellogg '12
Matthew J. Lynch '12
Glenda Matos '12
Takahito J. Yumoto '12