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The Controller's Office, a member of the Finance Division of Goucher College, maintains the financial records of the college, handles budget-to-actual reporting, processes payments, prepares deposits, coordinates the annual audit, files certain federal and state tax returns, and accounts for Goucher's endowment.

The office seeks to provide our fellow employees with accurate, timely, and useful financial information. Monthly budget-to-actual and non-operating financial activity reports are published online. Budget officers will be notified when new reports are made available by e-mail.

Requests for payment by check received by 5 p.m. on Tuesday will be available for pickup in the Controller's Office or mailed on Friday of the same week. Requests should be properly completed and authorized by the budget officer. Payments exceeding $5,000 must also be approved by the divisional vice president. A properly completed request should also include a complete account number. The account number is composed of four parts: unit or department number, object code, restriction code and fund. Payments should be charged to an object code that best describes the expense. If you require help finding the correct unit/department or object code, please use our look up feature:

Copies of recent audited financial statements and the Federal Form 990 are made available on the following link:

If the Controller's Office can be of any further assistance, please contact us.

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Alex Antkowiak
Goucher College - Controller's Office
1021 Dulaney Valley Road
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Phone: 410-337-6060