The CDO, along with other organizations on campus, offers a variety of awards to offset expenses for students completing internships during the summer. 

Download the Goucher Intern Fellowship Application

How are the winners selected?
The Goucher Intern Fellowship Selection Committee competitively chooses the recipients. A higher emphasis is placed on:
* Goucher Intern Fellowship applications that clearly match the award criteria
* Internships that are strongly connected to students academic and career goals
* Students who articulate the connection between their academic work and the learning that takes place in the internship
* Internships with a high level of responsibility
* Students with strong academic records in relevant coursework
* Sophomores or juniors
* Unpaid internships or paid internships that have unusually high expenses

Who can participate?
In order to apply for the Goucher Intern Fellowship, you must:
* Be a current Goucher College freshman, sophomore, or junior
* Be eligible to participate in an internship for academic credit 

What does the application include?
The application requires you to:
1. Describe your internship
2. Provide a budget estimate
3. Write a short essay
4. Secure a faculty recommendation
Applying is well worth the effort - just think of the benefits!

Completed applications are due in the Career Development Office no later than 5:00 p.m. on April 21, 2015

Where can I get help locating an internship?
The CDO is here for you. You can search through our internship listings by visiting Goucher Recruit. Also, you can work one-on-one with someone at the CDO to find a site specific to your needs.