Goucher Alumni Career Coaches Program

The Goucher Alumni Career Coaches Program connects students to the larger Goucher community of alumni through the Goucher Career Development Office.

For alumni  to sign up to be a Career Coach all alumni need to do is sign in to the Goucher Recruit mentor portal, indicate their volunteer preferences (listed in detail below), and wait for a student to connect with them.  Career Coaches will be automatically emailed by Goucher Recruit when a student is interested in connecting. 

Take a look at the categories below to learn about the many ways alumni can volunteer and student can connect with the Goucher Alumni Career Coaches.

Questions? Contact Casey Miller, Associate Director for Alumni Career Programming, at casey.miller@goucher.edu.

Ways for Alumni to Volunteer

Ways for Alumni to Volunteer

Register in Goucher Recruit as a Career Coach 
Become a coach through Goucher Recruit. Choose your level of involvement in the Goucher Alumni Career Coach Program that fits your schedule best.

Job Referral 
Inform the CDO about open full-time jobs and internships within your organization. Contact the CDO at career@goucher.edu

Sit on a panel with other alumni to share your experience and answer questions from students.

Class Presentation 
Visit a class and speak to students about your experiences as they relate to that class and other relevant topics.

Informational Interviews 
Answer questions in person or over the phone to provide information about a particular job, industry, or company.

Information Session 
Visit campus to share information about your organization, usually for the purpose of recruiting students for employment. Contact the CDO at career@goucher.edu to schedule a session.

Networking Contact 
Have students to contact you informally with questions about a variety of topics related to career networking. Essentially serving as a general resource for fellow alumni and students.

Mock Interviewer 
Hold a practice interview session to help students develop, strengthen, and gain feedback on interview skills. 

Coffee Chats 
Visit campus and buy students a cup of coffee to share information about your organization, industry, position, and career path. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to build relationships with students which could be utilized for recruitment efforts later. 

Present an online meeting to share information about your organization, or share your skills and experience with a wider audience of alumni and students. Sometimes webinars are used for the purpose of recruiting students for employment. Contact Casey Miller, Associate Director for Alumni Career Programming, at casey.miller@goucher.edu for more information and to schedule a session.

General Volunteer 
Any alumni who has expressed interest in helping out with career events or programs.

How Students Can Connect with Coaches

How Students Can Connect with Coaches

Have questions about life after Goucher?

Alumni Career Coaches, a resource available through Goucher Recruit, connects you to former Goucher students with answers. These alums provide one-on-one guidance and experience-based knowledge to help you succeed.

Whether you’re wondering about the day-to-day realities of your dream job or hoping to explore opportunities off the beaten path, the Alumni Career Coaches can help.

To get started log in to Goucher Recruit (link), click on Alumni Career Coaches, and take a look at the coaches in our system. If you’d like to contact any of them just hit connect and send a quick note. They’ll follow up with you directly.