Looking for an on campus job?

If you're interested in working on campus, please review the listings on this page.  You can also review the attached handout, Tips for Getting a Job On Campus.  If you need additional assistance in locating a job on or off campus feel free to contact the CDO. 


Spring 2014 Jobs


Department: Department of Modern Languages, Literature and Cultures
Contact Person: Olya Samilenko
Phone Number/email: 410-812-0150/Olya.Samilenko@goucher.edu
Description: Certified student driver to transport students between Goucher and Hopkins for their Russian classes according to the following schedule.
MTUWF: 9:30am pick up students at Goucher.  Bring to JHU by 10am.  Pick them up at 11am to return to Goucher by 11:30am. Thursday: Leave Goucher at 9:30am.  Pick students up at Hopkins at 10am.  Deliver them to Goucher by 10:30am.  Pick them up again at 12pm.  Take them back to JHU by 12:30pm.  Return to Goucher and drop off the van by 1pm. 11 1/2 hours per week.  If interested contact Olya Samilenko at Olya.Samilenko@goucher.edu or 410-812-0150.


Fall 2014 Jobs

Department: Peace Studies
Contact: Megan Livingston
Contact email: meliv002@mail.goucher.edu
Description: Part-time Program Assistant to help with administrative tasks (reserving rooms, arranging publicity, helping with faculty's other administrative needs), and occasional research-related tasks (faculty research assistance). The upcoming 25th anniversary of the Peace Studies Department will be chief among long-term projects this year for which the Program Assistant will give close support to the Chair. All projects and duties will require independence and sound, mature judgment. Hours are negotiable. Must have strong listening and communication skills, and administrative experience. Please contact Megan Livingston via email for an application. Apply by May 1.