Spring semester. Tying up loose ends

If you're planning to complete your requirements in the spring, the Registrar's Office and/or the Department Chairperson of your major/minor will notify you at the beginning of the spring semester of any major, minor, concentration, or general education requirements you will need to fulfill so that you can adjust your spring schedule prior to the end of add/drop period.

Seniors taking courses at other institutions must have their professors at the other schools sign off on Goucher's Baltimore Student Exchange Program (BSEP) form affirming that they will submit the grades by the deadline listed. This is the only way to insure the receipt of your grades in time for graduation. If the BSEP form is not received, your graduation could be in jeopardy.

You must also pay your outstanding fines before graduation or you will not be able to participate in Commencement exercises, receive your diploma, or receive copies of your transcript. The Billing Office will notify you approximately one month before graduation if there are any financial holds on your record. 


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