Getting a transcript

A transcript is an official record of all of your academic activity at Goucher College. It is printed on blue security paper with the name of the college printed in white across the face of the document. When photocopied, the word VOID appears across the face of the document. Graduate schools require an official transcript, and some employers may even request one when you apply for a job. Becoming familiar with the transcript request process now will help you a great deal in the near future.

Fill out a transcript request form and return or fax it to the Registrar's Office (at 410-337-6504) with your signature. To protect your privacy, transcript requests are not processed over the phone or via e-mail.

Transcripts can be mailed directly to any third party or to you in a sealed envelope. If you want to look at your own transcript, you can also request an unofficial student copy for your records or view it online through MyGoucher.

It generally takes about three to five days to process each request. In May, all seniors' transcripts are processed after their degrees have been entered into the computer system.