Goucher Recruit - Student/Alumnae/i Terms of Use

  The Career Development Office (CDO) at Goucher College provides career management tools and resources to students, alumnae/i and employers to enable students and alumnae/i to secure employment. The CDO is part of the NACElink Network, owned and operated by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). As a member of the NACElink Network, the CDO provides Symplicity's Career Services Manager (CSM) software, a web-based system hosted by NACE for posting jobs, maintaining user data and documents (i.e. resumes), and maintaining information on career related events. The web-based system is referred to as "Goucher Recruit."

 This document outlines the terms of use of Goucher Recruit for students and alumnae/i. The CDO reserves the right to change these Terms of Use and/or the functionality of the service at any time.  

 By using Goucher Recruit, students and alumnae/i agree to the following terms:

 I, as a Goucher student and/or alumnae/i, agree to:

• Certify that my job search documents and profile information are truthful and accurate and that I will represent myself honestly, accurately, and    professionally.

• Grant access to Goucher faculty and/or staff from participating offices to review the information and/or documents (e.g., resumes, cover letters) that I post to Goucher Recruit for the purpose of ensuring quality and appropriateness of documents and/or updating student and alumnae/i information. At no point will any identifying information be shared with parties outside of Goucher College without my written consent.

• Abide by the Terms of Use as stated in this document.

• Agree to the Privacy Policy of NACElink, http://www.nacelink.com/nl_privacy_policy.php, and the Symplicity Terms of Use, http://www.symplicity.com/terms_of_use.

• Maintain the confidentiality of my username and password.

The CDO reserves the right to terminate any user account in the event of a violation of these Terms of Use.

External Content

Goucher Recruit contains links to other web sites not under the control of the CDO, and the CDO is not responsible for the contents of any linked site. The CDO provides these links only as a convenience and assumes no liability for acts or omissions by third parties or for any material supplied by them.

Warranties and Liability

The CDO has associated itself with NACE and NACElink in order to provide improved services to Goucher College students and alumnae/i. While the CDO believes that NACE and NACElink provide a valuable service to Goucher College's job seeking community, NACE and NACElink are not affiliated with the CDO. Therefore the CDO cannot guarantee, nor does it otherwise accept responsibility for, any portion of this document that depends upon NACE's representations and/or NACE's non-compliance with those representations. While the CDO will make every effort to ensure that employers and job postings are legitimate, the CDO is not responsible for the accuracy of employer and job information contained on Goucher Recruit. NACE, Symplicity and the CDO do not screen employers or job postings.

Authorized Users

Goucher Recruit is intended for use by students, alumnae/i, and employers. Students are defined as currently enrolled Goucher College students. Alumnae/i are defined as former Goucher students who have completed their degree, and who have an affiliation or active relationship with the CDO. Employers are defined as entities that have expressed interest in hiring current Goucher College students and/or alumnae/i. In addition, select College employees access Goucher Recruit as necessary for administration of the service.

Administration and Appropriate Use of Goucher Recruit

Students and alumnae/i use Goucher Recruit to post resumes and to review and apply for job and/or internship opportunities. All users will be held accountable for actions that violate these Terms of Use.

Privacy Policy  

The CDO is committed to maintaining the privacy of personal information submitted by the users of Goucher Recruit. Information collected through Goucher Recruit is used by the CDO only for the following purposes:

 • To enable students and alumnae/i to access various tools, features, and functions of the NACElink system, including but not limited to: job postings and job-search agents.

 • To communicate with employers, students and alumnae/i regarding use of NACElink, site changes, or recruiting events and activities.

Goucher staff members from the CDO may access users' personal information to send e-mails using communication tools on the site. Students and alumnae/i have an option to opt out of these e-mail communications.

 NACElink's Privacy Policy is available at http://www.nacelink.com/nl_privacy_policy.php.   Goucher does not warrant that NACElink will comply with its Privacy Policy.


 If you have any questions or concerns regarding these Terms of Use, please contact the Goucher College Career Development Office (CDO) at 410-337-6191 or career@goucher.edu.