In order to recognize the learning that occurs in internships, Goucher College awards academic credit for internships. Academic departments may award credit for an internship if a student gains approval from a faculty internship sponsor and the internship is related to a student’s major or career goals. Internship courses are implemented at the departmental level. Each department has established internship courses that are specific to their department with distinct prerequisites and academic requirements. All internships, however, must adhere to the college policies governing internships. Students who receive credit for internship must establish learning goals at the beginning of their internship and reflect on their learning through journals, papers, and other academic work throughout their internship with guidance from faculty internship sponsors. Students are required to complete an evaluation for their experience at the end of the semester.

If you are interested in earning credit for your internship, first be sure to follow steps in the internship checklist. Next, review the Internship Guidelines and Policies to get a better understanding of the rules of the college. Keep in mind that the guidelines and policies were developed to create the best possible environment for you to learn from your internship.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at the CDO.