Writing Resumés and Curriculum Vitaes (CVs)

Writing a Resumé

Your resumé might seem like just a list of facts about your experiences, but there is a lot you can do to make it stand out from the rest of the pile on your prospective employer's desk.

The CDO can help you:

  • identify your talents and skills and help you match them to specific job
  • descriptions
  • design your resumé
  • tailor it to specific employers
  • post it online
  • and get your resumé in the hands of recruiters through on-campus recruiting events and other CDO resources.

Resume Advising
Do you need to write a resume, and have no idea where to start?  Or, do you have a resume that is in need of a face lift?   If so, visit the CDO for walk-in hours, where we offer expert guidance in crafting a solid resume.  If you have a draft, please bring it with you-if not, we can walk you through the resume basics.  Prior to your visit, feel free to look at these sample Goucher resumes.

Use the resources below to learn about the basics of creating an attention-getting resumé, and then contact us when you're ready to get yours polished up and ready to go. 

Useful Resumé Links:
CDO Sample Resumes

Take a look at these samples, written by current and former Goucher students.

Functional Resume Information
This article reviews what is included on a functional resume, as well as information to help you decide if this format is best for you.

Functional Resume Samples
From JobStar, this site provides a few examples of functional resumes.

Functional Resume Sample- from Colorado State University
This link offers one example of a functional resume.

Resume Help
Focuses on the differences between the various types of resumes:  chronological, functional, combination, curriculum vitae, and federal government.

Sample Resumes
The link, provided by JobWeb, offers sample resumés targeted by academic discipline.

Scannable Resumes
This site introduces students to writing scannable resumes. 

Federal Government Resumé Links
Building a Federal Resumé
Sponsored by The Resume Place, Inc., this template will help you to create a draft of a federal resume.

Building a KSA (Knowledge, Skills & Abilities)
Sponsored by The Resume Place, Inc., this interactive tool will help you to create a KSA, which is a critical component of a federal government job application.

Federal Resume
Provides some basic information about writing a federal resume, as well as tips about writing KSAs.

Sample Federal Resumés
From "Ten Steps to a Federal Job", check out these sample resumes for job seekers in the federal government.

Preparing a Curriculum Vitae (CV)

You may also need to create a curriculum vitae (CV), especially if you are applying for academic, education, scientific, or research positions.  A CV is also commonly used when applying for scholarships, fellowships, and grants.  For more information on CVs, please follow the links below.

Useful Curriculum Vitae Links:
Informational Videos from Lynda.com
As a special resource for Goucher community members, these videos provide information on writing resumes, with one video devoted to writing a CV.  To access these videos, please contact the CDO (career@goucher.edu or 410-337-6191) to request the username and password.  Our office is open from 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday.

How to Write a CV
This website gives a basic outline for writing a curriculum vitae, as well as specific styles and examples.

International Graduate
This site offers tips on writing international CVs and resumes

CDO Handouts:

Tips for a Standout Resume
(MS Word)
Resume Samples (MS Word)
Action Word List (MS Word)
Writing an Effective Curriculum Vitae (MS Word)
Curriculum Vitae Sample (MS Word)