If your ideal job is far from your hometown, you'll have a whole extra list of things to consider in both interviewing and making the transition to your new occupation. Check out the resources below for some useful information about getting settled and getting around in unfamiliar territory, and contact the CDO if you have additional questions or concerns.

Useful Links


Offers information on the employment situation in over 300 major U.S. cities.  Includes most common jobs, job salaries by city, and more. 
Covers various aspects of living and studying in European countries, including money management, opening a bank account, and finding medical services.

Map Quest

Addresses, driving directions, and travel guides.

This site provides you with advice on all aspects of moving, and connects you to many services you may need in the process.

Rent Net
Comprehensive rental and relocation guide.

U.S. Cities and Towns
Provides information on 20,000 U.S. cities, including population, property, schools, colleges, hotels, ancestry, political contributions, climate, zip codes, area codes, counties, airports, and much more.