Although every job interview is different, there are some common elements that appear in most and some things you can do to prepare yourself for much of what your prospective employers might ask. The links below will get you started thinking about what you should know -- and what you should ask. If you have additional questions, give us a call.

Useful Links


CollegeGrad Interviewing
A complete guide to information you'll need to ace your interviews.

Dress for Success
Sponsored by Syms, this site gives an overview of wardrobe recommendations for interviews as well as suggestions for basic garmets in an individual industry.

Dress to Impress
Tips on appropriate attire for interviews. Includes examples for women and men, with good notes on what is not acceptable as well.

Interviewing (from NYU Wagner)
This "how to" guide gives a great overview of how to prepare for a successful interview.

Job Interview
From, this page offers a nice overview of every step in the interviewing process- from preparation to the actual interview and follow-up.

Preparing for a Job Interview
Learn how to prepare for different types of interviews.

Professional Dress Tips
Includes tips for professional dress specific for both men and women.

CDO Handout:
Preparing for an Interview (MS Word)