Many students seek faculty support in finding academic internships. The CDO is here to help both students and faculty throughout the process by providing resources that address the following questions:

How do students earn credit?
Credit for internships is awarded through academic departments if a student gains approval from a faculty sponsor.  Each department has an internship course with specific criteria and pre-requisites for students completing an academic internship. The CDO follows the guidelines set by each department and the policies for all academic internships (outlined on the Internship Checklist) when reviewing each student's Internship Learning Agreement (ILA). 

What is the Internship Learning Agreement (ILA) and where is it found?
The ILA serves as a contract between the student, their internship site, and Goucher. In completing the ILA, students must clarify learning goals, describe tasks at the internship, outline reflection process, and state their evaluation process with their site supervisor and faculty sponsor. To determine whether an internship qualifies for credit, the CDO evaluates each ILA based on the Standards for an Academic Internship and the Internship Policies stated on the Internship Checklist.

What are the deadlines?
Each year, the deadlines for submitting an ILA to the CDO are posted on the internship section of the CDO website, as well as the Important Dates calendar from SAS.

Are there any different deadlines for independent international academic internships?
For independent international academic internships, please refer students to the International Internship handout for additional requirements.  Students should plan to contact the Office of International Studies (OIS) by the posted deadlines to discuss their situation.  OIS deadlines are typically 4-6 months prior to the start of the internship.  ILAs for international internships are due to the CDO by our posted deadlines.  Students should keep in mind the length of time needed to obtain a passport, visa, and arrange travel and housing when planning for an independent international academic internship.

Is there funding for internships?

The CDO administers the Goucher Intern Fellowship which provides some financial support to help students with cost of living expenses associated with unpaid or low stipend academic internships during the summer. Students must submit an application to the CDO with a specific internship, an essay, budgetary needs, and a faculty recommendation. It is a competitive process with awards ranging from $100 to $1500.

How can students locate internships?

The CDO provides resources to assist students throughout the process; however, students must take an active role in arranging their internship.  We can work with students to clarify their interests and skills to determine what they want to do through individual advising.  Additionally, the CDO helps students develop resumes and cover letters, improve interviewing skills, and negotiate offers.
When should students begin looking for an internship?

Students should begin their search a full semester before they plan on completing the internship. An internship search can take anywhere from three to six months. Depending on the field or industry, many of the competitive internships have fall application deadlines for summer programs.  The CDO offers resources for locating internships on our website and can also meet with students to help them with their search.

What is the role of a faculty sponsor?
Faculty sponsors support students in several ways by assisting with defining learning objectives, developing the proposed plan of study, and assigning academic requirements of the internships.

During the internship, faculty sponsors should arrange to contact the intern through meetings, phone calls, or emails to review the student's progress in accomplishing learning objectives. This regular contact allows faculty sponsors to act as a resource person or consultant for any special problems or work-related issues. Additionally, faculty sponsors can initiate contact through a visit or phone call with the internship site supervisor to discuss the student's progress and evaluate the learning experience.

At the completion of the internship, faculty sponsors will evaluate the student's performance, ability to reach learning objectives, and written work. They are also instrumental in helping students reflect on the entire experience. Grades are submitted directly to SAS.

How does the CDO support faculty during internships?
The CDO is here to help faculty throughout the process by serving as a resource when you have questions or issues to address. In addition, we can offer training on the internship program to new faculty members or new faculty sponsors.