Why Hire a Goucher Intern?

Goucher has been linking liberal arts education with internships and other real-world experiences for over 75 years. Goucher’s internship program continues to provide employers with first-rate students spanning the liberal arts.

Many Goucher students complete at least one internship by the time they graduate, and some complete two or more. These internships complement the students' educational experiences by enabling them to apply the lessons they have learned in the classroom to day-to-day realities of the working world.

Internships are available for every major and during every semester – winter, spring, summer and fall. Students may earn 3 (90 hours) or 4 (120 hours) credits for each internship experience. We also have students who seek non-credit internships. The Career Development Office works hard to tailor each student’s internship experiences to his or her particular academic interest and career goals.

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