Many Goucher students search for local part-time opportunities throughout the academic year in order to secure employment. We welcome local employers, including retail, food industry, churches, athletic clubs, hotels, and other local employers to submit part-time positions using the guidelines below. Should you want to post a full-time job, internship, or non-local part-time job, please use our Goucher Recruit database by following the directions located here.

Your job will be advertised on the CDO's Local Employers page. Your position will be posted for one month. Should you fill the position before that time, we ask that you please notify us so that we may take down your posting.

Please submit your part-time position using the form below. If all of the information below is not included, or if it is a full-time position, we will not be able to post your position.

Company Name
Contact Person (first and last name)
Contact's Title
Phone Number
Email Address:
Full Address
Position Title
Duties (125 words or fewer)
Qualifications of Employee (50 words or fewer)
Application Method
Hours of Employment
Hourly Pay Rate
Employment Start and End Dates