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Print your 2009 1098T

Release date: January 27, 2010

Goucher uses a service to print and mail lthe 1098T forms.  Forms cannot be picked up at the college.  For additional information please visit the link, Form 1098T.  Below are the instructions for using the service, ECSI's website to view and print  1098T Tax Documents. PLEASE follow the instructions below for setting up your password and email me if you need help mtrombetta@ecsi.net.

1) You can access the Webx area by opening a web browser and going to<https://www.ecsi.net/login> . (Save in your Favorites or Bookmarks)

2) Enter ACKW in the "Client" field. This field will automatically make letters UPPER-CASE.

            Client: ACKW

3) Enter"Login ID" field. (I.e.ackw-kh, don't forget the dash)

Login ID: ackw-kh

4) Enter"Password" field. (I.e. ackw-kh repeat it for the first login)

Password: ackw-kh

5) Click on the Log In link. This will open a page forchanging your password.

To change your Password:
1) Enter your old password in the "Your old password" field.
2) Enter what you would like for a password in the "Your New Password" field. (8 or more characters)
3) Enter the same new password in the "New Password Again" field.
4) Click on the Save link. This will open the Webx client area.

To view the Tax Documents (1098 forms)
1) Click on "Tax Documents", this is the third item under the "Borrower Application" banner on the left side.
2) Enter in the "Account" field the social security number for the student -  without dashes or hyphens.
3) Click on Find.
4) All available tax documents for that borrower will now be listed, select the one you need and click on "View". The tax form will now open in a separate window.
5) To view another document, repeat steps 2-4. (You can only view one form at a time)