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After studying molecular biology at Goucher and beyond, Susan Mabrouk '03 knew she wanted to pursue a career in medicine.

Susan Mabrouk ‘03 has studied in some pretty unconventional classrooms over the years.

As a biology major with a concentration in molecular biology at Goucher, Mabrouk explored pyrimidine metabolism in Arabidopsis thaliana plants with Professor Robert Slocum and conducted microbiology research on bacteria found in the campus pond with Professor Leleng To Isaacs. Beyond campus, she spent three weeks studying tropical marine biology in Roatan, Honduras, and helped bring modern outdoor plumbing to a remote village in the mountains of Fiji.

Now, in the more traditional halls of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Mabrouk is applying her Goucher experiences to ten-week blocks of anatomy, biochemistry, neuroscience, and physiology classes.

On track to receive her M.D. in 2007, Mabrouk spends her free time playing board games and reading with children on the pediatric floor of the University of Maryland Hospital, as a member of the hospital’s Peds Pals volunteer program. “We play with the children and try to keep their minds off their diseases, especially if their families can’t spend time with them,” she says.

Mabrouk won’t choose a specific discipline until her third or fourth year of medical school, but she says that Goucher prepared her well for the broad range of subjects that first and second year medical students need to cover.

“I wasn’t apprehensive when I had to study for biochemistry, genetics, developmental biology, physiology, and cell biology,” she explains. “I have a thorough, solid foundation in these basic sciences.”

Susan Mabrouk