Joey Fink '15

Biology and Economics Double Major
Baltimore, MD

Joey Fink’s oldest sister graduated from Goucher College in 2009. He saw her going here and said to himself, “I’m never going to Goucher. No way.”

But once he came to campus for an Admitted Students Day, Fink remembers sitting in the large auditorium and seeing banners of the five Community Principles (respect, inclusion, communication, service and social justice, and responsibility). “That was very in line with my beliefs, and Goucher felt like the right place for me,” he says.

Fink grew up in horse country, north of Baltimore, and has been riding since kindergarten, so he knew an equestrian program was one of the most important factors as he chose a college. When he compared Goucher to other schools that have varsity equestrian teams, most of them were “horse schools,” but Goucher offered the academics to match. “I realized that Goucher was the school that made the most sense for me.”

Now that he has left campus to begin his career, Fink has taken with him a Goucher degree and a national equestrian trophy. “It’s been the best experience I could have imagined,” he says.

As an equestrian at Goucher, Fink won a national title for best individual rider from the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association during his senior year. Just as telling: When the time came for the winning team from Savannah College of Art and Design to give an MVP award to the individual rider of their choice, they chose Fink, rather than one of their own.

“You know, you create all these relationships, these friendships with other schools,” he says. “It’s not as cutthroat as other sports.”

Fink’s list of college activities did go beyond the equestrian team, which he captained since his sophomore year. He also was elected the 2015 class president and used his term  to create a sense of community within his class and to bridge the gap and forge relationships with other classes.

“There were so many ways for me to get involved here because it is a small school. I feel like I was given all of these great opportunities. I don’t think I would have been able to do that at a bigger school,” he says.

He served on the Goucher Hillel Board of Directors and on the Board of Trustees’ Committee for Development and Alumnae/i Affairs. He was an ambassador in the Admissions Office, and he was on the Orientation Committee. 

“I really was able to try different things and see what I really enjoy,” he says.

Fink also worked in the phone-a-thon in the Alumnae/i House, and he traveled around the country as a student representative to meet with incoming first-year students and to help connect Goucher’s alumnae/i with one another. “That got me really excited about being a Goucher alum one day and being involved,” he says.

Now Fink has moved to Philadelphia to work for a national insurance company. (It should be mentioned that Fink tried to sell life insurance to at least one Goucher staffer during the course of his interview for this profile). He won’t be leaving the horse-riding world, though. Through a Goucher teammate, he’s arranged to help out a trainer in Pennsylvania in exchange for riding time.

While Fink has closely followed his mother’s advice always to take advantage of the opportunities he’s been given, he recognizes the autonomy and breadth of prospects available at Goucher may be overwhelming for some students.

He offers this encouragement to future students: “If you’re willing to put in the effort to find out what Goucher has to offer, you’re going to find a lot of amazing things.” He also adds this caveat: “If you’re not interested in taking part in what Goucher has to offer, this is probably not the college for you. If you want to sit in your room all day, maybe going to classes, you’re not going to like it here. Goucher is perfect for students who can advocate for themselves—both socially and academically. That’s what makes a student happy here.”

Joey Fink '15

Biology and Economics Double Major
Baltimore, MD

“It’s been the best experience I could have imagined.”

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