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“I wanted something different. A language that would set me apart from the rest and give me a competitive advantage” says Andy Behles.

Behles developed an interest for German in high school, hoping that the language would bring him unique opportunities. Now, after graduating from Goucher in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, a concentration in International Business and a certificate in German, Behles works as a consultant for Trestle Group, an international strategy-consulting firm based in Frankfurt, Germany.

While at Goucher, Behles furthered his German studies through an inter-institutional program at Loyola College in Maryland, and spent a semester studying abroad in Tubingen, Germany during his sophomore year. “Going abroad was one of the most rewarding six months of my life,” says Behles. “I had the chance to really live in a new country. I did not feel like a tourist, as I knew the language and understood the culture. I even became very much accustomed to the German way of life.”

Now Behles draws on his original experience abroad every day, as he resides and works in Germany. “Not only do I live in Germany, but I have a great job where I deal with international trends and pursuits and work with great mixture of international colleagues,” says Behles. “The German language has offered me an opportunity to work in an exciting job, and it’s given me countless experiences and memories which I never would have had otherwise.”

In addition to his exciting job, Behles’s longtime passion for German helped him land a spot playing close defense for SC 1800 Frankfurt, a German lacrosse team. In 2005, he was named Most Valuable Player in the German National Championship Lacrosse Tournament, after guiding his team to victory. A former Goucher Varsity lacrosse captain, Behles has been invited to try out for the German national team, and may get a chance to play in the 2006 World Lacrosse Championships.

Andrew Behles