Welcome to the Parent Council website. We want you to know that your student is not the only one joining the Goucher community-your whole family can be a part of this rich web of relationships! There are numerous ways for parents to get involved and further the mission of the college, whether you reside locally or across the country. Do you have a heart to help open doors for our students by serving as a Career Development Mentor? Are you willing to attend admitted student events or reach out to your local high school guidance counselor and tell your family's Goucher story? Are you able to support the college with your philanthropic gifts to build our bright future? We can use your time, talent and treasure to fulfill the vision that is Goucher!

Joining the Parent Council is easy. Simply make your donation to the Greater Goucher Fund today. We encourage a meaningful entry level gift of $500.00 renewed annually which can be given in separate payments. Of course, every gift counts and we welcome contributions at any level! If you would like to volunteer in addition to supporting the college with a monetary gift, please fill out our general Parent Council Application form as well as the Career Development Volunteer form for more detail on your career field and availability. If you have questions about philanthropy, please contact Lillian Klein, Director of Parent Engagement, at 410-769-5089 or ParentCouncil@goucher.edu.  

Here are links to other sites that provide important information for families: