Goucher College is grateful for the generosity and loyal support received from its alumnae/i and friends. If you are interested in making an impact on the future of Goucher College-and our students- there are many ways to give. Each allows you to express your personal support, each has distinct tax advantages, and each makes a tremendous difference.

Click on the headings below to learn more about each option.

Make an Online Gift

Click the button below to make a secure, one-time or recurring gift.

Call Us

Make your gift by contacting the Advancement Office at 410-337-6079 or 800-619-7564. to speak with a specific person, click here to view our "contact us" page.

Mail a Check

If you would like to make a donation by check, checks should be made payable to Goucher College and mailed to:

Goucher College, Advancement Office
1021 Dulaney Valley Road
Baltimore, MD 21204-2794

Make A Recurring Donation

What is a recurring donation?

A recurring donation is an arrangement that allows you to make gifts over an extended period of time. You authorize Goucher College to charge your credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) or your bank account. A recurring donation is the easiest way to give and ensure Goucher receives ongoing support.

How do I make a recurring donation?

  1. Click here to visit the online giving page
  2. Select the "Recurring Payments Gift" button at the bottom of the form
  3. Select the preferred option: credit card or bank withdrawal transaction
  4. Complete the rest of the fields and select the "Process" button to submit your gift

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I direct where my donations will go?
    Absolutely. You will be asked where the college should direct your donation. You can even donate in honor of or in memory of someone.

  • Is there a charge for recurring donations?
    No, the service is free.

  • Is there a minimum donation?
    No, any amount is accepted and welcome.

  • Will I receive a notification when a recurring donation is made?
    You will receive an email receipt after the initial transaction, and after each subsequent donation. Also, through your account, you can access your donation history at any time and get a snapshot of your total donations made to date. Log into your account and click on "Your Recent Payments."

  • How do I cancel a recurring donation?
    You can "deactivate" your donation from the Auto Payments page. Can I change the amount of my recurring donation? You can edit your donation within the Auto Payments page.

Faculty/Staff Payroll Deduction

Click here to set up a recurring payroll deduction.

Give Stock/Securities

Goucher accepts gifts of stock which may provide greater tax advantages than gifts of cash. Donors receive an income tax deduction equal to the fair-market value of stock as a charitable gift and may avoid capital gains tax. Here are three ways to transfer stock to Goucher. For more information please call Goucher.

Deliver Stocks by Hand
To hand-deliver stocks, endorse the back of the stock certificate(s) in our presence or sign a separate stock assignment form, or stock power. If you cannot or do not wish to deliver the stock to us by hand at our offices, we will arrange a meeting with a development officer and you at your home.

Deliver Stocks by Mail
To send stocks by mail, send the stock certificate(s) and the signed power(s) in separate envelopes. We recommend that the stock certificate(s) be sent by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested. Enclose a cover letter providing your name, address, and telephone number, along with any designated purpose for which the gift is being made. We will need a separate stock power form for each certificate of stock.

Be sure to sign the stock power(s) exactly as the name reads on the stock certificate. Do not fill in Goucher’s name on the stock power. A stock power form is available from Goucher or from your banker or broker.

Deliver Stocks Electronically
To transfer stocks electronically, first notify the college of your intention to transfer the stock by calling the Goucher College Development Office at 410-337-6079 or 800-619-7564.

Please provide the following information:
Your name
Designation of your gift (if applicable)
Name and phone number of your broker/banker/financial advisor
Name and address of firm initiating the transfer on your instruction
Click here for Goucher's asset delivery fact sheet and broker contact information and further instructions

Planned Giving

Learn how creative giving can benefit both you and Goucher. Click here to visit our planned giving website.

Donor Advised Funds

The Goucher Philanthropic Fund is an easy, flexible, and efficient way to support Goucher and other charities you care about. To get started, please contact our Advancement Office at 410-337-6074 or 1-800-619-7564. For more information click here.

Matching Gifts

With matching gifts you can sometimes double or even triple your gift!

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees.

To find out if your company has a matching gift policy, please enter your employer’s name below.

If your company matches you may be able to access the forms directly through the search. Follow the set procedure, and Goucher College will be happy to assist.

The impact of your gift may be doubled or possibly tripled! Some companies match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.

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Art and Artifact Collection Policy

Donations of objects to the college’s art collection are subject generally to the principles and procedures set forth in the College’s Gift Acceptance Policy, to which this Policy is an exhibit. Where the specific procedures outlined in this policy conflict with the provisions of the Gift Acceptance Policy, the provisions of this policy shall take precedence. For complete information on the Art and Artifact Collection Policy, please review the Art and Artifact Collection Policy PDF document.

Gift Acceptance Policy

This policy statement is designed to ensure that all gifts to, or for the use of, Goucher College are structured to provide maximum benefits for the donor and the college. Because some gift situations might be complex, or more costly than beneficial, or restricted in a manner not in keeping with the goals of the college, this policy has been developed to establish standards by which all gifts will be evaluated, as well as a formal process for carrying out such evaluations. This policy is intended as a guide and allows for some flexibility on a case-by-case basis.

Guiding Principles

  • Goucher College encourages gifts in support of its mission as a private liberal arts college.

  • Goucher College seeks to implement a gift acceptance policy that will protect:

    • the best interests of the donor;

    • the welfare of Goucher College; and

    • the Goucher College employees charged with the management of the gift planning program.

  • Donors are encouraged to consult with their personal advisors (accountants, certified estate or financial planners, attorneys, investment brokers, etc.) before making any gift to the college, particularly a planned gift.

  • The college reserves the right not to accept certain gifts, including those from which the college will realize little or no financial gain, or which are made for purposes that are inconsistent with the college’s educational mission, or which have restrictions that violate the college’s ethical standards or require illegal discrimination.

  • Donations of gifts for unrestricted, general purposes are encouraged because of the flexibility they provide in meeting the most pressing needs of Goucher College

  • The college shall acknowledge all gifts and donations in a manner that respects and honors the donor.

  • In accepting a gift, the college also accepts a responsibility to the donor to steward that gift. This includes administering the gift properly, providing the donor with appropriate financial information about the gift, and, when appropriate, reporting to the donor about the use of the gift.

Click here to view the entire Gift Acceptance Policy.

Naming Policy

The policy establishes minimum gift levels and general approval guidelines for naming of departments, units, centers and programs, scholarships and awards, and physical space (buildings, facilities and grounds, or portions thereof).

The policy also establishes the minimum gift levels to be used across all Goucher College departments for the establishment of privately funded endowment funds (see Exhibit A). Such minimums, which may be amended from time to time, are important to ensure that the academic unit or program has sufficient funds available to accomplish the purpose of the fund established by the donor. All named endowment funds shall be approved as outlined in this policy.

Any gift that includes the establishment of an endowment or the naming of a physical space (buildings, facilities and grounds, or portions thereof) must include a formal gift agreement. Gift agreement policies and procedures are contained in Goucher’s Gift Acceptance Policy.

Information regarding Goucher's Policy for Naming Opportunities and Endowed Funds