Jonathan Davies '18

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe


Where are you from? Where is "home"?

I was born in England, but I came to Goucher from Zimbabwe. Home is in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.  

How did you find out about Goucher?

I first came across Goucher College in a book called Colleges That Change Lives by Loren Pope. Then I began to look into the school more through the website and through my career guidance counselor.

What made you decide to attend Goucher?

Goucher College is a close-knit community with a huge support network that is perfect for me. The college has a great study abroad program that encourages an international education, which is awesome.  

What is your major? For upperclassmen, has it changed?

My major is economics with a possible minor in either international relations or in mathematics.  

Is your experience at Goucher meeting your expectations? Have your expectations been exceeded? If so, how? Goucher is everything I expected it to be and more.  

What do you like about your classes and the faculty?

The class size is small, and this makes it very easy to have a good relationship with professors. In addition, faculty are very friendly and always have their doors open to students, making the professors very approachable.  

What support have you received from the campus community?

I have been to the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) several times. Whether it is for time management skills or simply needing to relieve stress by playing with Lucy, the office's dog, ACE has the solution. I have also made use of the student Writing Center, which is a great resource to have.  

What are you involved with on campus?

I am involved in intramural soccer (Go, Narwhals!), the Rotaract Club, and the Roosevelt Institute (a nationwide initiative that engages young people in progressive activism to empower them as leaders and promote their ideas for change).  

What do you like about the area? Campus, Towson, Greater Baltimore, East Coast?

The campus resembles a holiday resort. It is lovely and green and even has its own forest, which is great to just go walking to gather your thoughts and be in touch with nature. Towson is a great little city that is within walking distance from campus. The Inner Harbor is an amazing place to go, I am told, and everyone I have asked has loved it.      

Jonathan Davies

Jonathan Davies '18

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

"Goucher College is a close-knit community with a huge support network that is perfect for me."

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