Students walking through the academic quad

Who We Are

Dreambuilders. Risktakers. Innovators. Goucher is a diverse community of thinkers and doers who aren't afraid to carve out their own paths. And Goucher is equipping them with lifelong skills and preparing them for 21st-century careers. Visit our Goucher Success Story page for more.

A little bit about Goucher College:

50 Countries Represented on Campus

  Afghanistan   Argentina   Australia   Bangladesh
  Benin   Brazil   Cameroon   Canada
  China   Colombia   Costa Rica   Dominican Republic
  El Salvador   Ethiopia   France   Germany
  Ghana   India   Indonesia   Ireland
  Israel   Italy   Jamaica   Japan
  Mexico   Morocco   Mozambique   Myanmar
  Nepal   Nicaragua   Nigeria   Peru
  Poland   Portugal   Qatar   Republic of Congo
  Russia   Rwanda   Saudi Arabia   South Africa
  South Korea   Sweden   Syria   Tajikistan
  Tunisia   United Arab Emirates   United Kingdom   Venezuela
  Vietnam   Zimbabwe