Goucher's admissions program is tailored for specific populations of students. The selection process is highly individualized, and members of Goucher's Admissions Committee read every application, paying particular attention to personal qualities and intellectual promise. Admission is granted to the college for fall semester and spring semester.

There were nearly 3,500 first-year applicants for fall 2013, culminating in 415 new students from 38 states, several territories, and 8 countries. Maryland residents account for about 19 percent of new students.

The composition of the new first-year class is illustrated, in part, by the following profile:

SAT Critical Reading Middle 50%
SAT Math Middle 50%
ACT Composite Middle 50%
GPA Middle 50% (Un-weighted, 4.0 Scale)
Multicultural Students (Self-Declared)
Student-Athletes (Intending to Play Varsity)

92 or 23%

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Secondary School Preparation

The quality of courses as well as achievement is extremely important in preparing for Goucher. Sound preparation includes at least 16 units of college preparatory subjects. Most successful applicants exceed this academic subject unit minimum. Since Goucher's curriculum requires a distribution of subjects over a wide range of academic fields, the applicant's high school program should include the following:

English 4 units
Mathematics       3 units, including Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry
Laboratory Sciences       3 units, preferably including Biology and Chemistry
Social Studies 3 units
Foreign Language 2 units of the same language

Each unit is equivalent to one year of study.

The Admissions Committee may allow credits for work in subjects not listed above or may accept a student whose school program does not include the usual number of entrance units. The quality and grade average of the candidates' secondary schoolwork are considered in relation to the standards of their programs and their schools.

Honors Programs
Honors programs and the following courses also carry more weight than standard classwork in the admissions process:
  • Advanced Placement — Goucher generally accepts scores of 4 or 5 on AP exams for placement and credit. Course placement is determined by the individual academic department.
  • International Baccalaureate— Goucher will grant credit for IB exam scores of at least 5 in higher-level subject areas. Students who earn a full IB diploma may be considered for sophomore standing; course placement is at the discretion of each department.
Standardized Tests

Goucher has adopted a test-optional program, where submitting scores for the SAT Reasoning Test and ACT with writing is optional when applying for admission. You must indicate on the application supplement your preference for use of test scores in determining admission.

Although you may elect not to submit scores as part of the process of determining admission, please know that all admitted applicants who matriculate must furnish test scores for research and advising purposes.

Applicants who are not native speakers of English are expected to submit the results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). A minimum score of 550 (213 on computer-based exam, 79-80 on Internet-based exam) is necessary for application review.


Contact Goucher Admissions
phone: 1-800-GOUCHER (ext. 6100)
email: admissions@goucher.edu