We're Here to Help

We know college is a big investment for you and your family, and we really care about simplifying the process and making sure cost isn't an impediment for you or anyone who wants to attend Goucher College.

At Goucher, we don't want financial aid to be a one-size-fits-all process. Our Admissions and Financial Aid staff carefully evaluate each admitted student when determining his or her offer of financial aid. Through this thoughtful process, Goucher is able to meet substantial amounts of family need through grants, scholarships, loans, and work study.

In fact, 85% of our undergraduate students receive some kind of financial aid.

Our students' financial aid awards often include merit scholarships, which are determined primarily by academic criteria, including GPA and SAT or ACT scores. All students admitted to Goucher are automatically considered for merit scholarships, so that's one fewer worry during the process.

Need-based aid that is in the form of direct loans, federal and state grants, and federal work study is determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form (Goucher code 002073). Consideration for Goucher's institutional aid is based on the College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile (Goucher code 5257).

If you are considering coming to Goucher, we encourage you to go ahead and apply. We will guide you and your family through our fair and transparent financial aid process to make Goucher an affordable investment in your academic, professional, and personal success.