Diversity at Goucher

At Goucher, we pride ourselves on being a diverse and inclusive campus. Our commitment to diversity, in all of its forms, is demonstrated by both our Community Principles and Diversity Statement. Our commitment is futher highlighted by the Diversity Standing Committee and the Committee for Multicultural Programming. These committees focus on the needs of our students, and promote understanding and awareness across the campus community. 

It is easy to find your niche on campus-we offer a wide array of clubs and organizations you can join. While we offer more than 60 active clubs and organizations, here is a sampling of a few for students interested in diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusion. 

Club Name Purpose Student Contact Advisor Contact
Goucher International Student Association (GISA) Raise cultural awareness and increase intercultural dialogue. Lensa Tesgera Mary Tandia
Hispanic Organization for Learning and Awareness (Hola) Provide a space for Hispanic students to explore their cultural and ethnic identities.  Jamifel Pacheco Fernando Gomes
LOTUS LOTUS serves as an umbrella organization for students who identify as Asian American, East Asian, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, South Asian and Southeast Asian and warmly welcomes members of other cultures in an effort to promote alliance and understanding. Michelle Tirto Mary Tandia
Multicultural Understanding to Transform Stereotypes (MUTTS) Seeks to bring together students of all races, ethnicities, and cultures to discuss and build strong social ties to promote understanding among fellow students. Thavy Bullis Aisha Rivers
PRISM Prism is a student organization dedicated to providing support for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered students, faculty, staff, and their allies. Cassie Madison Robert Beachy
Umoja (Black Student Union) While we focus on the empowerment of the black students on campus, our duty at Goucher is to provide a community that will help foster identity, self-worth, pride for our heritage, and fearlessness to initiate change.  Robert Fletcher
Aisha Rivers

For more information on diversity at Goucher, contact:

Nenelwa Tomi '11
Admissions Counselor
Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment

Phone: 410-337-6009
E-mail: nenelwa.tomi@goucher.edu