The requirements for a minor in women's studies are:

WS 100 – Confronting Inequality: Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary American Society (3 Cr.) or~
WS 150 – Women’s Experiences in Global Perspectives (3 Cr.)
WS 300 – Seminar in Selected Topics in Women’s Studies (3 Cr.) or
WS 320 – Transnational Feminist Theory and Women’s Activism (3 Cr.)

Two courses are required from any of the following (six credits):

WS 224 – Is There Life Beyond the Looking Glass? Gender, Identity, and Race in Caribbean Culture (3 Cr.)
WS 225 – Gender and Sexuality Studies (3 Cr.)
WS 226 – Women, Peace, and Protest: Latin American Women and the Search for Social Justice (3 Cr.)
WS 227 – Becoming Visible: Fictions of International Female Identity (3 Cr.)
WS 229 – Contemporary Brazilian Voices (3 Cr.)
WS 232 – African American Women’s History (3 Cr.)
WS 235 – Gender Identity, Expression, and the Body (3 Cr.)
WS 237 – Gender and Migration in a Global Perspective: I Detect an ‘Accent’ Where are You Originally From? (3 Cr.)
WS 248 – Towards Collective Liberation: Activism and Organizing (4 Cr.)
WS 250 – Special Topics (4 Cr.)
WS 265 – Law, Ethics, and Public Policy: Current Issues (3 Cr.)

In addition:

Students are required to take three additional elective courses related to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies equaling nine credits.