"Changing the ingrained attitudes and outlook of a nation must start with individual communities. Within each community, change must manifest in individuals themselves. As a new generation is born, every interaction between a child and a parent, peer, educator, or complete stranger has the potential to impact the outlook of that child. Organizations and people that empower the youth, instilling a sense of importance, dignity, confidence and resilience, are creating a hopeful future in which HIV/AIDS could become a unifying force, rather than a stigmatized Other

-- Samantha Haas

Randi Turner, Yellow Fever

Jeff Bessen, Homology and Convergence in the Evolution of the Eye

Weston Kulvete, "The Bitter Dream": Internalized Racism in the Passing Narratives of the Harlem Renaissance

Megan Rucker Livingston, Utopia Within Dystopia: Stand on Zanzibar as Speculative Postcolonial Literature

Dorie Chevlen, Youngstown

Colin Breen, Beyond the Master Plot: Exceptional Literature in Stalin's USSR

Samantha Haas, Orphans in South Africa and the Stigma of HIV/AIDS

Christina Murphy, HIV/AIDS and Income Generation: The Use of Microfinance Initiatives as a Prevention Strategy in Sub-Saharan African Refugee Camps

Ben Mueser, Individual Responsibility in Aristotle's Politics

Tim Proser, The Core of Us: Properties of the Socialization Process and the Influence of Social Class Therein

Maya Ward, De engaños y valores olvidados

Lila Scott, La homosexualidad como enfermedad mental

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