"Although it is a topic relevant to everyone in the United States, pubic hair is a subject rarely talked about.  This research provides a comprehensive history of perceptions of body hair and body hair removal as well as a critique of the practice of removing body hair (and pubic hair in particular) and of promoting a culture of acceptable ephebophilia in the United States through analysis of literature, popular culture references and norms, and personal interviews.  

When I initially thought of this topic, I knew it was something that I was interested in talking about, but I thought that I was the only one.  Pubic hair is a topic that everyone thinks about, but nobody talks about.  I was surprised and delighted by the amount of positive feedback I received from conducting interviews or sharing with peers (and professors and Goucher staff!) what I was researching.  People want an outlet and a safe space to talk about things that might be uncomfortable but that everyone thinks about.  Sex has become a culturally acceptable discussion topic, but pubic hair is still not talked about.  I am very pleased to have been able to take on such a big topic and bring the conversation about pubic hair into the open."

-- Emma Trisolini

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