By studying abroad, choosing three-week intensive courses led by Goucher faculty or semester programs suited to their academic plans, Goucher theatre students gain a global perspective that enhances their course of study. Visit the Office of International Studies  for more information.

Arezzo, Italy: Theatre, Dance and Music students can study performing arts in the Accademia Dell'Arte program in the medieval city of Arezzo, Italy in the heart of Tuscany. The Accademia combines an intensive Italian language program and academic studies with a semester of high level theatre, music or dance performance training.  Students experience a rigorous education that takes place in an atmosphere that encourages individual expression and experimentation providing students with the skills and techniques that form the fundamental basis for which excellence and creativity emerge. Two Goucher theatre majors per semester can study in the theatre program.  Two Goucher music majors can apply for fall semester in the music program. Fall Semester Music Program application procedure requires submission of supplemental materials.  The dance program is offered in the spring semester and is limited to highly skilled dance majors. Prior to the start of the program, students will enroll in a four-week language intensive class.  Students live in the Villa Godiola, in furnished, double occupancy, ensuite rooms.

Paris, Marseille, and Avignon, France: This course is an experiential introduction to the dynamic world of contemporary French theatre in three distinct parts of France: Avignon & rural Provence, Marseille, and Paris. Students get to know each area through French people, and improve language skills in immersion environments such as homestay families, theatre workshops, and cooking classes. Experienced theatre students profit from direct engagement with French traditions of performance, while beginners discover and develop skills such as vocal projection and characterization. For all students, theatre work offers tools for developing conversational ease in French while plays and performances provide a window into contemporary French culture. The capstone project is a Goucher Theatre Department production presented as part of the Department's fall program. Each student's participation is based on the individual's skills and interests.

Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland, THE SCOTTISH CONNECTION: A CULTURAL AND ARTISTIC IMMERSION: this course includes a pre-departure discussion in the spring term and a three-week intensive course abroad in the summer.  (1/4) An intensive international dance experience in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland. Students will experience daily instruction in a number of dance forms ranging from European contemporary dance to traditional Scottish dance, view and examine dance/movement theatre/events/happenings as part of the Edinburgh International Festival and Fringe Festival, as well as examine the historical, aesthetic, theoretical, philosophical, and critical issues concerning dance in the British Isles and Europe. This course requires a pre-course in the spring semester. Summer 2018 and alternate years.